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Most agencies that sell long-term care insurance use a hard sell approach. They say they will provide a free quote but force you to meet with an agent in person or on the phone.


You know you should have long-term care insurance coverage. Ninety percent of those who find Care Funding Solutions have done so because they either care for a loved one or have a loved one in need of long-term care, so you don’t need to be pressured into buying long-term care coverage.


We will provide you with a personalized quote with alternatives based on our short questionnaire.


Then you decide when you are ready to ask questions or apply for coverage.


You are in complete control. Again, we do not require you to talk with an agent to get a quote.

  • Traditional LTC Insurance
  • Annuity Based LTC Ins.
  • Life Ins. based LTC Ins.
  • Hybrid LTC Insurance